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    carbonated drink (can)
    carbonated drink(bottle)
    energy & health drink
    milo & coffee
    mineral water & others
    non-carbonated (bottle)
    non-carbonated (can)

    jam & spread
    peanut butter

Canned Food
Canned Food
    seafood & others

Dairy Products
Dairy Products
    adult milk
    condense & creamer
    UHT milk

Hot Beverage
Hot Beverage
    malt & chocolate

Instant Food
Instant Food

    pasta & noodle
    pasta sauce
    rice & flour
    sugar & salt

    red wine - Australia
    red wine - France
    red wine - other country
    spirits & other wine
    white wine

Snacks & Tibits
Snacks & Tibits
    chocolate & sweets
    other snacks

Organic Foods
Organic Foods
    organic pasta
    organic pasta sauce
    other organic foods

Dish Cleaning
Dish Cleaning
    dish wash
    sponge & scouring pad

    air refreshener
    bathroom cleaner
    DIY & others
    floor cleaner
    multi purpose cleaner
    pest killer

    fabric softener
    liquid detergent
    powder detergent

Paper Products
Paper Products
    paper towel
    toilet roll

Party Ware
Party Ware
    foil & others

Baby Care
Baby Care
    baby bath
    baby lotion & oil
    milk powder

Body & Hair Wash
Body & Hair Wash
    body cream
    body wash
    fragrance for men
    fragrance for women
    hair treatment
    shampoo & conditioner
    talcum & others

Facial Care
Facial Care
    cleanser & foam
    men's facial
    shaver & others

Family planning
Family planning

Feminine Care
Feminine Care
    sanitary pads

First Aid & HealthCare
First Aid & HealthCare
    adult's health
    health aids & OTC
    health supplement
    medicated oil & balm
    other aids

Oral care
Oral care
    floss / mouthwash
    other oral product


We would like to inform you that your frequent online grocery, www.yq.com.sg, which you have been supporting so far is acquired by a new company called Yumtrade Pte Ltd. Yumtrade has improved and upgraded some shopping facilities of yq.com.sg, with improved quality of service and being able to better accommodate to your needs and interests.

On behalf of Yumtrade, We would like to extend our earnest invitation to you, the prized customer. We would also further elaborate about our company and its business operations together with the short and long term goals it envisions.

First of all, to briefly summarise our company's operation, we are dealing with and supplying grocery items and everyday household essentials on the Internet. Our in house support team includes: customer service, technical support, warehouse inventory and delivery. To further facilitate our customer's interest, we have created a unique discount system called the Yum Discount and will be further detailed in the later portion of this letter.

In addition to supplying grocery products, we also offer quick and efficient delivery services within a wide selection of different stipulated time frames, which you can choose to your best convenience from our website after purchasing your goods online.

Secondly, our company's name, Yumtrade, Grocery Storehas a special meaning that customers will become accustomed to. Yum, in the Cantonese dialect, means profiting. However, it is more commonly associated to food as 'yummy' is usually linked with food. Therefore, one of our aims is for you to visualise yourself enjoying the 'yummy' treats that our company has to offer. In this case, you can think of Yumtrade as a company that creates a win-win situation for both the customers and the company because of the delicious discounts you stand to enjoy and the tasteful dealings so that you will come back for more. Hence, Yumtrade was created with the intention of acknowledging our customers’ interests.

 Thirdly, our unique selling point would definitely be the Yum Discount that we have mentioned above. Customers get to enjoy a basic discount on single item purchase, more exponential discount on multiple item purchase and group discount for purchase under the same brand. The discount range reaches up to 12%!

Online grocery

Being a supportive customer of YQ, as usual, you can log-in with your email but the password was changed for security purposes. Your new password is "mypassword" (note: you can re-set the password). Meanwhile, you can purchase without the hassle of keying in your personal information (address, contact, email) again because we already have all the details of our loyal and supportive customers.

 Again, we would like to extend our warmest welcome should you choose to grace us with your presence in our website. We hereby offer our utmost appreciation of thanks for reading this letter, happy shopping!